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Strength & Conditioning Programs

Rammr Strength & Conditioning works with clients to create personalized training programs, tailored to specific needs and goals, that can be performed without constant guidance from a trainer. 


I also offer a variety of basic programs tailored towards specific goals or styles of workout.


All programs are designed with the intention of being easy to follow without the need for constant guidance. 


Generic programs (4 week, 3x/week)

  • All around fitness: $50
  • Bodyweight: $50
  • Weight loss: $75
  • Strength: $75
  • Size: $75
  • Power/speed: $75
  • Baseball: $75
  • Hockey: $75

Personalized programs

  • 3x/ week: $150
  • 4x/ week: $200
  • 5x/ week: $250
  • 6x/ week: $300

*prices subject to change

Why Strength & Conditioning Programs?
If you already have experience in the gym and have no problem motivating yourself, but find knowing what to do to achieve your goals is difficult, strength & conditioning programs are right for you.